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Chiropractor Eugene OR Kevin Krautsack


Kevin Krautsack, D.C.

Dr. Krautsack is a childhood cancer survivor passionate about teaching others how the body heals, how to eat right and exercise properly, and ultimately how to thrive in an increasingly toxic world. Through his sickness and fight back to health, he has gained a wealth of information regarding nutrition, the human body, and ultimately what it takes to get well.

He loves to share this knowledge with the world. He obtained his Doctor of Chiropractic Degree from Life University and B.S. of Health Science and Exercise Physiology from Kennesaw State University.

Chiropractic Eugene OR Jesse Neal Office Manager

Chiropractic Assistant/Office Manager

Jesse Neal

Jesse grew up in Oregon and he obtained his Bachelors from Oregon State University in Fisheries and Wildlife. He enjoys hunting, fishing, and other outdoor activities, and spending time with his family. Before employment at Emerald City Family Chiropractic, Jesse started as a patient. 

Struggling with severe hand pain and carpal tunnel symptoms, his wife convinced him to see a chiropractor. After attending one of Dr. Krautsack’s workshops, he had a revelation and decided to pursue the correction of the underlying cause of his health problems. After just a few adjustments, his hand pain went away and surgery became an afterthought. His treatment was so impactful to him and his family that he decided to pursue employment with Emerald City Family Chiropractic. Jesse has now helped hundreds of patients get well and improve their health through customized rehab programs alongside Dr. Krautsack.

Jesse was so impressed that he applied for a chiropractic assistant (CA) position, working directly under Dr. Krautsack in the summer of 2019. Since then, he has earned his C.A. license and established his role as the Office Manager.


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